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When someone cleans a room, the room must first get messier before it can get more organized. The body can also be that way. When it finally gets the nutrition and resources it has been wanting for years, it may decide to clean house first. This may happen in the form of loose stools, temporary need for more sleep, or sometimes nausea. Toxins do not just vaporize where they are, they must be loosened from their moorings and travel through due process to be eliminated.

When drug addicts quit ‘cold turkey’, there are certain withdrawal symptoms. Does that mean that quitting the drug is bad? No, it just means that a gradual one degree of change is a much more smooth and pleasant transition.

To avoid a large amount of inconvenience, start slowly with any new regimen and after a few days when the body has grown accustomed to the building blocks it desires and not being in survival mode fighting off the barrage of toxins daily, the dose can be increased to match the label. While initial healing may be somewhat inconvenient, the end results are incomparable.

Taste buds will change. Water that used to be torture to drink, will soon be craved. The first taste of cigarettes or alcohol is not usually pleasant, but taste buds can be trained and become addicted. The same can be said for things that are truly good for you.

Some symptoms may disappear quickly, and others are eliminated so gradually that you hardly notice. In a few months, review the symptoms page to see the real difference.

It is no questions that your body will be healthier with the proper amount of good water, good air, fun sweaty activity, good food, and the other parts of the system. It is just a matter of time.


I cannot afford it. If a healthy lifestyle is not pursued, it is not a matter of if you become ill, it is a matter of when. Without a healthy lifestyle, should someone expect to become ill later or sooner than someone with a healthy lifestyle? One hospital stay will cost more in dollars and sense than taking "one degree" increments of healthy choices that could add years to your quality of life.

I feel fine. Why change now? Many people die of heart disease without having any prior symptoms. Automobile engineers recommend that you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles. While your car may seem to run fine, if you do not change your oil and perform other preventative maintenance, it will not run fine for long. It is always easier and cheaper to preserve and protect than it is to pay for a major overhaul.

Some may say all supplements are the same. The supplements we suggest must not be different than any other. The same meat served at fast food places does not taste the same as that served at home or finer establishments.

Supplements are too expensive. This system is designed to take the same monies currently spent on unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. A smoker could easily replace the money spent on cigarettes for healthy supplements. You could be spending the same amount of money that you are now or even less, yet increasing the quality of your health.

Health insurance does not cover herbs. They also do not cover groceries or unhealthy habits. Car insurance does not cover oil changes either. You must take responsibility for your own health.

Herbs are not approved by Doctors. More and more physicians are seeing the benefits of herbs. Good food and nutrition will always be the forerunner of good health. Doctors will agree that a healthy lifestyle is vital, the WIN system ensures a great start.

Herbs take too long to see results. Most illnesses do not happen overnight. We abuse our bodies for years eating the wrong foods, not exercising etc. and then when we get ill, we want to be cured overnight. This system starts with the basic fundamentals of health. When the basics are met, the body will respond quicker and more effectively to healing rather than merely masking the problem only to have the problem come back later with a vengeance.

What about overdosing on herbs? Anyone can overdose on aspirin, yet almost everyone has a bottle. There are only a few herbs that can be dangerous if consumed incorrectly. Supplements we suggest clearly labels all herbs for proper potency and dosage. Interestingly, if there can be an overdose, then they cannot be just a placebo.

I do not have the time to take herbs. There is an old axiom "If you don't have time to do something right the first time, how will you have time to do it over?" In health you may not get to do it over. Another adage states; "It isn't that life is so short, it's that death is so long." A few minutes a day can make a big difference.

I tried herbs before and they did not work. There are many resaon's why a certain product "did not work." Review the Joint Pain Chart. This system is designed to help the herbs do what they were designed to do. Once you are heading in the right direction with all of the proper fundamentals, you may eliminate what it was that was causing the problem. This system is not a hit and miss guessing game. It is a proven system for health.

I'm not going to quit smoking, drinking or eating junk food so why bother taking herbs? Who would need help more, the person with unhealthy habits or a health nut? If you are going to continue unhealthy habits, that is all the more reason to supplement your body with nutrients that can give your body some ammunition. Isn't it time to say no to the unhealthy lifestyle?


WHAT ARE HERBS? In general, herbs are food. Genesis 1:29 says that God gave us herbs for food. Some are common such as garlic and cayenne pepper. All use some part of the plant such as the root, leaves, fruit, or bark. The Bible mentions over 100 herbs.

ARE THERE SIDE EFFECTS? HOW MANY DO I TAKE? DO I TAKE THEM WITH MEALS? Since most herbs are foods, what are the side effects of eating too many red beets? The labels clearly state how many to take, when to take them, and when not to take them. Use as directed. Review the "What to Expect" Section.

HOW SOON WILL I SEE RESULTS? This is dependent upon how many degrees of change you are making, your current level of health, and how long you have had the problems. In the Bible, there was a visible difference in the health of Daniel and his friends after only 10 days of lifestyle modification.

IS THIS PROGRAM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE? Do you need to drink water, eat, eliminate, and breathe for the rest of your life? Some aspects of the WIN system may be more necessary than others, simply modify the program as needed.

WHAT WILL MY DOCTOR SAY ABOUT THIS? SHOULD I STOP TAKING MY PRESCRIPTIONS? WILL THIS INTERACT WITH MY CURRENT MEDICATIONS? WHAT IF I HAVE "X" DISEASE? Only a medical doctor can give you advice concerning drugs and diseases. Always consult a medical doctor about medical problems or drug interactions. Ask about whether your condition allows you to drink good water, breathe good air, eat good food, and the other concepts mentioned in the system. Be aware that a healthier lifestyle may decrease the need for drugs. If that happens, only your doctor can tell you if you should quit the drugs or quit the healthy lifestyle. Whoever you ask about herbs, also ask how much training they have had on herbs.
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